Between Salt & Water

Between Salt & Water series draws attention to the decline of kelp forests and their role in maintaining Earth’s ecological balance. The pieces use fresh kelp woven into a sculptural form that responds to air over a period of time. When exposed to air, the kelp produces salt crystals on its surface, which absorb humidity and prevent it from drying. These works are hand-crafted sculptural objects of contemplation and living entities that will evolve with the passage of time.

I see these pieces as living organisms, the forms, structures, and even smells that all fluctuate in line with their environmental conditions. This transformation is crucial to my practice, as it involves confronting the inevitable impermanence of any living organism. It is also the very nature of working with organic materials; they will change and slowly disintegrate.

The work is not cloth, per se – or a fully realized sculpture. The forms are more like aesthetic gestures for contemplation, placed in our path, commanding us to pair unlikely cohabitants and to ponder the ‘why.’


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